Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here, taste this

Soooo. Its been a long while since last writing you.

Back on April 9th, I ran across a very intriguing musician in the Court Square subway station. I had noticed her playing a few times before while I scurried to the E-train headed to something that I must have felt was important. - I have an obsession with punctuality. Well, it may exceed obsession. Whatever, its my problem not yours, ding dong. On this particular outing I was merely strolling to the E train not hauling on hooves while mooing madly so I had time to spare.
Her name is June Moris. She had a great demeanor as she played a tite Tele. I told her I had been recording music in NYC and asked if I could record her playing something she enjoyed. She played a damn fine version of a Raiohead song that popped the passers by out of their bubbles and onto there knees in appreciation of the holy glory she bestowed upon them with her rocking voice that echoed down the dust colored tiles of underground Queens. It was ROCKING I TELL YOU. But, i didn't press record on my iPhone. Poop! Feeling like a damn fool I worked up the courage to ask her to play one more for us. To our luck she agreed AND I pressed Record. sweet.

So here it is June Morris playing the Smiths' Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. Click Here

The noise, other than knees hitting the floor in pure amazement and humility, is the sound of the people mover.

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  1. The echo of the tele in the station....such a haunting tone. Much awesomeness.....