Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting A Dog Named Steve

The light was fogging in just enough for me to spot the vintage magazine rack that kept me company as I slept. I found myself flipping through a small paperback of quotes. Here are some:

 I took the top off my head, just to see what would happen. All my dreams floated away and I was left only with reality.

 "Hold this for a second." It was warm and unfamiliar. I was going to ask what it was, but she took it back before the words came out. 

The idea of baldness terrified him. "I don't even like eggs," he told the barber 

 Lifting her dress, she revealed her personality.

"Apple," the short man said. But because I was aware of the case, I understood perfectly.

 I Also chose to spend time with the Largest book on the shelf. Charley Harper -An Illustrated Life
I've never heard of this man. His artwork is strongly familiar to me and rightly so. It's as if it has been interlaced thru much of my life, particularly childhood. Somehow I feel his works have lined the peripheral of my artistic senses. As if his work was something I could smell but couldn't touch or see. Altho his work isn't reminiscent of any drug culture, I'd compare it to taking a drug you've never tried before, and afterwards realizing how it's influence shaped aspects of society or art. Like the day you understood why tie-die shirts exist, the full potential of your blacklight
 Or the reason your uncle always had that un-placable aroma

                                       Charley Harper Prints

                                       Click below for Slideshow


I played a show in Austin, TX last night and plan on staying for a few days to play another show this coming Sunday. I've been traveling since September 2nd and now it is November 19th, The Turkey is coming. Only you'll be the one gobbling. I should be in New Orleans by that time. We'll plan to spend time with some great hosts that know the city's underbelly. We were shown a great time in New Orleans during our previous visit. The nights lasted until sunrise. We were on our way out west then. A lot has changed since then. Its hard to imagine it was only two and a half months ago. We're headed east now. Down to the southeast corner, my hometown Tampa and then back up to New England. We chased the fall all the way to the Pacific ocean until we were teetering on tour very own edge. Now we face the wind and cut through into winter. I often wonder how route 5 along the connecticut river will greet me upon my return. Will it seem baron with trees standing grey and naked, or will the roads guide me with frozen white curved edges which seem to act so much like bumpers as I wind downward into town. But for now, I'll just hope to get there in one piece. "This is hard and it is good," I say.

Found this this morning as well. Radiohead is one of my very favorites. This documentary based on their Ok Computer release is phenomenal. Almost more that I could hop for.

Okay, enough blogging for now.


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