Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Greenpoint Search for Music Opinion

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Curious to know local music tastes & how well the record function on my phone behaved, I decided to take advantage of today's beautiful weather and combine the two. I had some luck (interview-wise) here and there, mostly searching for relaxed seeming individuals that would take a moment to be interviewed. Meeting some interesting people along the way, I often stayed to chat after the interview was over. It seems that people became a lot more open to spill the goods once the recording ended. Realizing this would kinda make me wish that I could start the whole interview over again. I'll need to figure that part out. I think it would be wise for me work on my interviewing skills a bit more before the next time i take a stab at this. :) Live and learn right? i think the iphone recording wasn't so bad in the end which made me happy :)
Click Here to Listen to the Interviews

There was one extra special interview not included in this mix mainly because it was just too long. I am looking forward to posting that interview within the next couple of days. Stay Tuned

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