Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Into the Sun

I'm excited because we acquired 2 tickets to the Mets game this weekend. Are the Mets even any good? I don't follow these baseballs as much as the next guy. Is this weekend going to be nice? I'd like to get some sun.
Wait, is Citi Field covered by a fancy roofing system? All I know is that I want some beer and sunshine along with some entertainment. Dig>? hm.

I played little league and let me tell you I was quite terrible at it. Easy out #1. Hell, throw the ball anywhere and I'll swing for it. Maybe I'd freeze solid and let the ball hit me in the elbow just before I'd try and take second base for no reason. "You'd better shout what you want me to do from the dugout, Coach because I have no freakin' idea what that hand signal is supposed to mean." I think that perhaps little league baseball was the foundation for my ability to endure or omit overwhelming embarrassment.

Please enjoy this short, filmed in a now non-existent section of the Court Square Station

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